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The Uprising of 1857 War of Independence

            The Uprising of 1857 War of                                        Independence

        The subcontinent had great importance in the history due to natural resources. It attracted Turks, Afghan rulers and central Asian rulers. Apart from this the Britishers also took interest in the region. They settled here as traders in the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Later on, they came across the weakness of Muslims and finally they took control of whole sub-continent. The traders became the masters of the region. Muslims and Hindus joined the British government. The government made such policies which were totally antagonistic to local traditions. The policies Pushed them against Britishers. They fought war against the state.

      The British government considered “the
uprising” as revolt. They thought that local were the servants of state and they should not have fought war. The indigenous writers considered if war of independence. In their opinion, the Muslim 8! Hindu soldiers…

Sea Buckthorn - History, uses and benefits-A marvelous shrub

Sea Buckthorn -A marvelous shrub

SEA BUCKTHORN (Hippophae Rhamnoides) is a kind of wild bush found in Northern Areas Pakistan, specially abundantly found in the Ghizer district of Gilgit-Baltistan. I still remember chasing around the fields of "Burrie didoure" ,yes!! that's what we call them in Shina, a language spoken widely in the Ghizer District, while running after each other playfully. 
In China it is famous as "Magic Plant" where more than 150 factories are producing about 200 foods, medicinal and cosmetic products on commercial scale. Since the ancient Tibetans started using sea buckthorn more than one thousand years ago, hundreds of Asians traditional recipes have been developed and carried on through generations utilizing the nutritional and medicinal properties of the berry. As attractive as they look, they seems to have a variety of uses too. 

Through the long history of application as food and medicinal ingredients, sea buckthorn berry is known to be effective in treating wounds, inflammation, mucous membrane, related disorders and disease such as cough, sputum, gastric and gynecological problems and tumors. The recent researches have revealed that the use of sea buckthorn products has highly been effective to improve immunity, normalize metabolism of cholesterol, promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis, treatment of gastric ulcers, liver protection, cardiovascular diseases, anemia, aids tumor inhabiting, reduces inflammation, diminishes swelling and accelerate the generation of tissues. Being an individual who suffer from severe acne, I have also been told to use them as a facial scrubs, so all you people out there or anyone going through any skin problems, give it a try!

During the past few decades, inspired by the long traditional use and the increasing public recognition of the benefit of natural products, scientists have carried out extensive research. This has resulted in an improved understanding of the health effects and the comical composition of the berry. It is known that the berry is rich in multiple lipophilic and hydrophilic bioactive compounds such as Vitamin C and E, carotenoids, flavonoids, fatty acids, plant sterols, lignins and minerals.

According to the scientific research, the sea buckthorn fruit and leaves contain more than 200 bio-chemicals substances which are vital for human health. The perfect combination of the bioactive composition e.g. Vitamins, amino acids, flavones, serine, phosphate, amylase, alkaloids, unsaturated fatty acids, phenolic compounds, trace elements keep wonderful harmony with human requirements. The supper oxide dismutase (SOD) content is very high and for this reason sea buckthorn is called as "Miracle Plant" and as high potential for its use in medicine, health care and food products.

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In the Memory of Martyrs of APS Peshawar

Martyrs of APS Peshawar

                  Some color less eyes
                 Some wounded bodies
                     Some torn clothes
               Some notebooks with scars
                         Scars of blood
                          Scars of tears
                        Scars of sadness
                      Scars of innocence
                         All are craying
                       All are screaming
                     What was our fault?
                     What was our fault?

                    We were the flowers
                 Flowers of your garden
                     We had to blossom
     We had to spread fragrance of happiness
            We had to give scent to new spring
                        Ah! Some cruel feet
                     Ruined us, wrecked us
          Unblossomed untouched flowers.....

O! My mom! My beloved mom,I had to sleep in your lap
                     I had to sleep in your lap

Good Bye Speech

                     Good Bye Speech 
Every beginning has an end.And every end is a new beginning.It's a relentless cycle seen in every aspect of our lives.The college life is no exception.
 A year starts; a year ends, only  to give birth another.
As much as I anticipate the start of a new year,I know that fate says it will case.The weeks pass and I engulf myself in all things football: watching games, reading articles, and debating.But,somewhere in the back of my mind, I know that as every week passes the end draws near.
This past weekend and the weekend upcoming marks for most colleges a tradition simply know as Farewell for seniors, a day set aside to honor those who are here to have there last moments with us as our old second year batch or most probably the senior batch.
 Bitter-sweet to say the least.
For four or five years these young men have put their heart and soul into curricular and Co curricular activities so that they could get good grades and add another feat to our…

Importance of 3D Printing

Importance of 3D printing 

     Holding your 'suspension of disbelief' for a little longer, a pair of 3D glasses can make your movie watching experience extraordinary. Consider watching Kong - Skull Island in 3D; believe me you will find yourself on the edge of the chair by the time this giant ape appears on the screen. You would see its brooding eyes staring directly into your face.

     I know there is nothing new  about these multicoloured box-like glasses. We all have tried them; they don't fascinate  us anymore! So, what's new then?
     3D printing is the new craze. When techies are going gaga over 3D printed  cars, sculptures and miniatures, doctors and biologists are showing interest in printing living hearts, kidneys and brains. Now, this sounds exciting - and creepy!

      This innovation means taking medical treatment to a whole new level. This promises a new kidney to a teenage girl who visits hospital twice a week for dialysis; a heart to a middle-aged man