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Monday, 19 June 2017

Happiness is Home Made

           Happiness is Home Made

        Regardless of whether we live in US, Pakistan or anywhere else, family is the building block of any society and our greatest fulfilment lies there; of course, one needs to give due importance to work, but if any society works diligently every other area but neglects the family, it would be same as straightening deck chairs on the Titanic. 

   We all seek happiness but what most of us discover is that happiness is a home - made product.If you have a strong and effective relationship with 
family member, whether living together or apart.When your family is heading in the right direction, you are better able to perform and focus at work.Thus it is supremely important that at home, with 
your family, you concentrate on creating a beautiful family. 

         Marriage is more than a contractual 
relationship it is a promise from each individual to stay true to their love at commitment while I can't tell you how to choose the right mate. I can advise you to detemuae, what your values and principals are and who might be a complementary accompanion. Happy marriages don't just happen they are created with body, mind heart and spirit no one can afford to get lazy in their relationship with their spouse. It must nurture and tended to and when it gets off the track.
         One of the best ways of keeping a marriage and family effective and healthy is by living the "seven habits" these. 

Renew yourself and your family by taking care of your physical, mental, social and spiritual leads don't neglect these important human needs or you'll  eventually pay the price a beautiful family culture can deteriorate unless the batteries that give its power are continually recharged. 

        Whichever part of the globe you live always remember it is a beautiful nation with rich histories, traditions and legacy your families are at the heart of your nation don't neglect your most precious resource. We know with great surety that living principle promises to strengthen us individually in our marriage, in our families, in our communities and places of work. Stay true to your path and remember what matters most to you. 

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