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Friday, 2 June 2017

Beauty is Truth , Truth Beauty

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty
        "Sometimes people are beautiful.
          Not in looks.
          Not in what they say.
          Just in what they are."
An artist is the most sensitive soul who feels the agony and ecstasy of life at the core of his heart.A wrinkled face and an innocent smile; a burst of laughter and a tearful eye; an ice cold dead and a warm new born; a rose bud going to flower and petals blowing in the wind can kindle his imagination equally.Experience of world to him is experience of life.He sees, he feels and with the help of his powerful imagination creates a new world; a world of hammer and chisel and tunes and colours.Creative process is always extraordinary, something sacred, something divine.Truth and sincerity are the virtues which infuse beauty into creation.He passes through ecstatic moments of creation and is generous enough to extend aesthetics pleasure to other.Literature, sculpture, music and painting are nothing but different media through which he transports others to his world of beauty.
    He gives his blood and soul to the piece of art he creates.His heart beats in his creation.A poem, a symphony, a stone cut statue, what are they if not the fragments of his own being.An artist has a strange belief in his creation.Belief as strong and as simple as one can feel his vessels pulsating; his heart throbbing.A time comes when Angelo strikes his "David", "Speak, speak why don't you speak!" 
      We have to see only how far an artist is true to his vision; sincere at his heart and with what beauty he present it.

     At the end,I would like to express my gratitude to my Principal and teachers who, are the twilight of my studies.We are presenting an anthology of writings from the valley of chinars.All praises to the contributors and deficiencies to me.It may not be sublime but it is a sincere effort.Read it and see how far we have been true to our hearts.

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