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Friday, 16 June 2017

A Changing Life

                     A Changing Life

What has instant communication via email, texting and social network website done to societies all over the world? What-ever it has done, there is no doubt that it has done, there is no doubt that it has radically changed them. These changes are unlike the current cult of celebrity. It seems that what teenagers most want to be famous.

               Instant messages and profiles on network sites such as facebook and twitter are an alternative way of being recognized and noticed. "Hi! This is me"! They say, 'notice me, and be my friend!. In addition, World news headlines, sports result and weather report can all be texted to your mobile phone. Some office workers are spending 40% of their working on mobile phone. 

       It seems society is in grip of informative overload. This means the concept of seduce is disappearing. For many young people the prospect of being alone without constant electronic communication is a frightening one. 
        That many young people prefer to chat with online "Friend" whom they have never met and never will rather than be with real friends, their families or their own company is also a frightening prospect. 

       Concentrating and focus are lost and tasks are carried out merely in "performing bytes". Because of the speed with which texts are written and sent emails cause misunderstandings and pain, not just among friends, but sometimes at the highest levels of government. There have been national "RUA TXT POET" competitions which have been produced inventive and witty responses. 
             Now recently a murderer sent a text from his victim's phone pretending to be her after her death and was caught by the mismatch of their texting style.Handwriting tells us a great deal about the writer's character and mood. What can you tell about someone whose message is printed on a screen in uniform letters? We're certainly in the middle of a technological revolution. But as with all revolutions, only time will tell where it is leading.

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