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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

An Ideal Soldier

                        An Ideal Solider
The quality that distinguishes an ideal solider is love for his country.He is not one who joins the army as a mean of livelihood but one whose heart overflows with patriotic spirit.A good solider is not mere a brute but a cultured man fired with the highest love for his motherland.His love is so intense that he is prepared to offer his life gladly for the sake of his country.Can there be a more glorious and nobler sacrifice?
     Another great quality of an ideal soldier is his courage.A soldier is not a soldier if he is not courageous. He is courageous by temperament and his training as a soldier and experience strengthens that quality in him.There are some men, who are not familiar with meaning of fear which helps them again to face danger or death courageously.A good soldier has mental courage, bravery of his mind and also physical courage.
     As Tennyson in his poem "The Change of the Light Brigade" says, "There is not to question why theirs but to do and die".
     The life of a soldier is a noble life.He has the opportunity of making the highest kind of sacrifice by laying down his life for his country.One who does this is a true and loyal son of the motherland.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Report on the incident during school Theatre Outing

    The incident during School Theatre                                      Outing
Last Friday on March 10th 2012, I was with my class travelling on the school bus from Abbottabad to Lahore.We were going to the theatre to see 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare, which we are studing for our exam.It was a very hot day and we had been travelling for more than 3 hours when the driver stopped by the roadside where there were many stallholders selling snacks and drinka. Mr.Yash gave us permission to buy what we wanted and return to the bus in five minutes.
  Some boys shared their money with those who did not have any, but nobody shared with Ali.I saw him join a crowd of boys around one stall and take one of the bottles of cola and run back to the bus.The stallholder saw that Ali had taken it without paying and when the other boys had bought their drinks he ran to the bus to demand payment.But that time,Mr Yash had told the bus driver to set off, and the stallholder banged on the window , claiming that one boy had not paid him.Mr.Yash asked us all if we had paid for our drinks and we all including Ali, swore that we had.Mr Yash then told the man that his accusation was false because all the boys had paid.Our bus then left the stallholder behind shouting and looking very angry.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Farewell Speech - Saying goodbye to Friends

                     Good Bye Speech 
Every beginning has an end.And every end is a new beginning.It's a relentless cycle seen in every aspect of our lives.The college life is no exception.
 A year starts; a year ends, only  to give birth another.
As much as I anticipate the start of a new year,I know that fate says it will case.The weeks pass and I engulf myself in all things football: watching games, reading articles, and debating.But,somewhere in the back of my mind, I know that as every week passes the end draws near.
This past weekend and the weekend upcoming marks for most colleges a tradition simply know as Farewell for seniors, a day set aside to honor those who are here to have there last moments with us as our old second year batch or most probably the senior batch.
 Bitter-sweet to say the least.
For four or five years these young men have put their heart and soul into curricular and Co curricular activities so that they could get good grades and add another feat to our college.
Let's not forget the time spent in class to fulfill their academic requirements the lectures,the exams, the labs and the study groups.
No, it hasn't been easy, but it has been worth every minute.
They've laughed; they've  cried; they've leaped; they've fallen down ; they've felt the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
And I would like to share with you some inspirational lines well said by Swami Vivek Anand:
          "Take up one idea.Make that one idea life,think of it, dream of it,live on that idea.Let the brain, muscles, nerves,every part of your body, be full of that idea,and just leave every other idea alone.This is the way to success."
 There time in our prestigious institution come to an end, We've spent hours with then, and they don't even know our names.Someway,somehow, we've bonded with these senior students and it's as hard to see them go as it is for them to say goodbye.
 In the end I would like to conclude by bestowing upon you the wisdom of Einstein's words and I quote:
                    "Try not to become a person of success,but rather try to become a person of value".

Friday, 26 May 2017

Write about a situation or experience that demonstrates your best characteristic or quality.

Write about a situation or experience that demonstrates your best characteristic or quality.

  It was 10th May 2016.Our teacher walked into the class and announced,"today I am going to show you your checked exam papers."My heart was trembling furiously.As the paper was handed over to me , I opened it with shivering hands."100 out of 100 marks,"read the heading in red ink.However,this feat was not a source of relief.
  My thoughts traced back towards the day of 3rd April 2016, five days before the commencement of our annual exams.The last period ended and the sound of the college bell pierced through my ears.As usual ,i packed up my bag and headed for my home.As I was moving through the parking area ,Mr Imran our mathematics teacher,stormed past me carrying a heap of files.As he sat in his car,he accodently dropped a page on the floor.I tried to inform him but he rushed his car out of the college.
I picked up the page and took it to my house I placed it on the living room table and gave a sweeping glance at its heading.A shock of disbelief went down my spine.It was a copy of our upcoming mathematics exam.Wild thoughts started roaming through my mind."This page could prove to be a ticked to my success",I thought.However,a part of me believed that using the page would not be the right thing to do.
  Nevertheless, I used that page to prepare for my exam.On exam day,as I expected,I comfortably sailed through all the questions and the exam proved to be a breeze.
 But now,as I held my paper before my eyes,a surge of guilt swept through me.I felt that I did not deserve those marks.So with quivering feet,I walked over to Mr.Imran's desk.I held back my fear,took a deep breath and told the truth to Mr.Imran.
 He stared at me with a peculiar expression.Whether it was anger disbelief or both I was unable to understand.But I knew that he was upset."You know that I will have to fail you after this",he murmered."Yes Sir,but it will be better than living with the guilt of cheating",I replied.Mr.Imran sighed and wrote a large 'F' over my paper.The ground slipped away from beneath me.As Mr.Imran left, he palted at my back and whispered,"You did well,Son".His words relieved my sorrow and I was delighted that I had spoken the truth.